Gunstock 1/16/2016

Date(s) Skied: 1/16/2016

Resort or Ski Area: Gunstock

Conditions: Powder, packed powder, wetsnow

Trip Report:

Wow what can I say, Gunstock hit the jackpot for yesterday's snow it seemed. With 4 inches of fresh powder, it was a great day to be on the hill. Got there around 8:30, to find the Panorama quad delayed. Made my way up the ramrod quad, to ski down Tiger... Took the tiger lift for the first time this season, to ski down a freshly opened Red Hat, which was already chopped up with some nice powder. Made my way back up to take the tote road over to Trigger, and had fresh undisturbed tracks all the way back down to the quad. It was quite an amazing day. Pissed my phone kept crapping out on me so very few photos. Later that afternoon the little guy got his hour ski lesson, and is now doing great! Added to the awesomeness of yesterday was it was demo day! Free Demos, Free Refills and yeah SNOW! Some photos:

Snowing like crazy:

Nuking at the top:

Nortica Demo:

Looking down Trigger:

Looking up Trigger

Riding the Magic Carpet like a pro!

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