Gunstock 12/3/2016

Date: 12/3/2016

Gunstock - Gilford, NH

Packed Powder, Machine Groomed.

Trip Report: Having been to Mount Snow 2X in the last week, it was now Gunstock's turn for this season. Today was about doing some errands around the area, taking care of the mug club dues and of course getting first chair. They only had smith open, but the snow was REALLY good all things considered. Great carving snow and a lot of fun to lap Smith over and over. So happy to call that my home hill and the staff just are plain awesome there. I even got my picture taken a few times!

Anyway some photos:

Me in the red, first chair of the year - Gunstock Photo:

Different shot (and my photo looking that that lonely chair!):

Off I go! - Gunstock Photo:

Sun bright and a fresh groom:

Me! - Gunstock Photo:

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