Gunstock – 1/27

Some Packed Powder on Hard Pack/FZGR

Early start again and with a close parking spot, we tried the boot-up-at-the-car strategy and right to the lift-->3rd chair on the Ramrod Quad as the Summit Panorama was down for maintenance. FREEZING cold...around 10 or so. After the first run on fresh cord on Phelps, I barely got out of my skiis before I went straight to the shop for a turtle-neck-warmer for myself and my son. I also picked up a helmet--yes, I'm one of the last remaining holdouts for helmets. Not to be anti-safety...just old school comfort reasons, that's all. Thought it would add some warmth, but no...even it ended up as a hat-helmet stack. At least the winds eased off through the morning and it was a gorgeous bluebird day!!! Snow was SQUEAKY cold...thin packed powder coating on somewhat of a hardpack...the type you can't pole poke in the lift line.

By the time I got adjusted and semi-comfortable on an easy Smith run, the Panorama opened up (kudos to the maintenance crew for a quick fix). I was pleased to see The Flats (from Flintlock) and Stonebar open...I really wanted to check out Flintlock Extension but the chill kept us from getting on a good multi-run stretch. We took an early brown-bag lunch/warming break in the car (pic of the lift line during that) and then back up to hit Gunsmoke and Recoil. A few runs off the Pistol Triple and we had to head home--only half a day as my son has a late day hockey game--can't wear down my Defenseman too much! :)

Overall, yes, bitter cold but tolerable with proper face protection/layers. I enjoyed the conditions on the few trails we hit...grippy and fast.



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