Gunstock – 1/5

Whole family got a much earlier start than our first trip last week so my son and I were able to grab the first round of chairs on the summit quad. Beautiful day--mostly sunny and windy up top with some base gusts but I knew they would gradually subside through the day. It got the chair rocking a bit on the Pistol lift but overall not bad--no wind holds. We never rode the Tiger Triple but heard it was running a little slow--maybe due to winds??

We bounced around from summit quad, to Pistol lift, to the Ramrod Quad and just mixed it up the whole day. Upper Trigger got scrapped down pretty good by midday and I just couldn't hold an edge--just slid most of the way. Cannonball and Middle Trigger were fun but a bit marbly in the shade--I'll take that over icy patches anytime. Tiger was closed for racing. One of my favs is to head straight over to Pistol and just enjoy the side-to-side roaming room and undulations--just a great trail and always skiis great. If someone on the lift didn't tell me, I would've missed Out Of Sight, just off to the right of's almost a blind entrance and I never skied it before--it's like a narrow version of Pistol...very nice. The snowcat started prepping Blundersmoke Park and they're blowing snow on Recoil. Shotgun was scraped down pretty good. I should've at least tried Birch Glades but never had it mind whenever we were up that way--not that I can ski trees anyways.

Crowds were solid but not overwhelming--probably less than our first trip during vacation week. With an early start, we offset our lunch early too avoid the crowd--then hit the Panorama Quad afterwards for shorter lines. I tried the ski App Alpine Replay again but can never get the recorded data to upload...what the?

Youngest son had his first ski/lesson and my wife continued her bunny slope "training".

Apres ski at the upstairs pub--Pigs Ear draft and live tunes by the Crunchy Western Boys--great day!

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