Gunstock 2-10-2013

Date(s) Skied: 2-10-2013

Resort or Ski Area: The Mighty G

Chopped Powder, Packed Powder, sunny and nice

Trip Report:

Nothing like the Big G on a crowded Sunday. So the day started with me getting there at my usual 8:30am. But rather than being the first in the lift line, instead I found this on Cherry Hill Road:861330_10151293508427963_1939952038_o.jpgThis was certainly not a welcoming sight to say the least! Traffic was backed up to the now foreclosed Gunstock Inn. But glass half full, I think it is great that Gunstock got a ton of business today. I ended up parking the old Alpine Ridge Lot. If Gunstock were to cut some trails there, it would be a welcome addition to the mountain! Finally I made it to the first run of the day by 9:15, which was a welcome ungroomed Recoil. There were some nice soft bumps and it made for a great first run. Meanwhile, back down at the Panorama Quad was this scene:
820656_10151293508087963_663466710_o.jpgA wicked long line, and a longer singles line. Finally made my way back up the lift and took a few more runs off the top. The ropes did drop on Hotshot which was great!!! I did make my way over at the pistol pod for a great run on Pistol. With lines getting even longer and the Tiger chair down, I ended up taking the the ramrod quad for a quick run on an ungroomed richochet, and then after that grabbed a quick bite to eat.

After eating I made my way over to the HSQ, only to meet with significant delays on the lift. I did get one good run off of flintrock, which was bumped up nicely with soft bumps that even I could ski! A view of mount washington in the distance:


Apparently the summit lift went down by the time I got to the top, but they did resuscitate the tiger Triple. I did a run down red hat (nicely bumped up) and also Cannonball, which to me was the run of the day. I cut the day short because of the crowds and the lift problems. But the key thing is I got turns in, skied hotshot when the ropes dropped (though forgot to turn Alpine Replay so it didn't record it!), and had a switchback! Also MAJOR kudos to the grooming team for not grooming everything out even with the large crowds!

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