Gunstock 2-18-2013

Date(s) Skied: 2/18/2013

Resort or Ski Area:
Gunstock, Gilford NH

COLD, Windy, Packed Powder

Trip Report:
What a great day at the Mighty G! What a difference a week makes in terms of crowds. I was able to snag the 3rd chair up the Panorama HSQ and off I went! Was able to get in 17 runs in today, including a break for lunch and recovering my lost cell phone! Skied from 8:30 to 1pm, as I had to get back for my wife. But I did make the most of the day out! Hit all the open trails for the most part. All except maybe stonebar. Boy was it windy too! Windchills were as low as -50F on the summit early in the morning. While it kept away a lot a people, there were plenty of diehards out! As the day progressed, it did warm up though. A lot of great skiing to be found off the Tiger Triple, especially Flintrock extension. Deadheadskier will be happy to know that the bumps on redhat were still there, but looked way too icy for me to give it a shot. The run of the day had to be cannonball... By 1pm though, I did have to head out... All in all a great day. Hope to hit up Wachusett tomorrow for a couple of quick runs by 10:30 if anyone is around...

and of course, pictures:

Looking up the old Single Line:


Riding up the Panorama:

A different view from the summit at the Pub:


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