Gunstock 2/14-15/2016

Date: 2/14-15/2016

Location: Gunstock

Conditions: COLD!!!

Trip Report:

So decided to do two days at the home hill and boy was it cold! So yesterday began the day with temps at -15F at the base. The summit never opened due to high winds and windchill factor. I guess they were saying it was -30 up top, which I would certainly believe. Ended up lapping the Tiger Triple, but it was just too damn cold too! In the end, I spent more time in the lodge but did manage to get in 6 runs, but I called it quits early enough. This morning, though it was a tad warmer (only -5), and temps continued to rise through the morning. I also decided to boot up at the house and drive (the whole 1 mile) to the hill, and man my feet were super toasty. Skied until about 11, was able to get 11 runs in too... so all in all, between yesterday and today, was pretty damn productive. Plus I have to say, given the winter we have had, Gunstock has done a phenominal job in terms of snow and quality of it... They were even letting red hat finally bump up!

Now the photos!

Blundersmoke Park:

Sign from yesterday -30F up top!

Looking down Tiger.


And Mmmm Beer!

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