Gunstock 3/27/2016 – End of the Season for Gunstock

Date(s) Skied: 3/27/2016

Resort or Ski Area: Gunstock

Conditions: Wet heavy and icy spots

Trip Report: Last trip of the season to Gunstock and perhaps for the season. Ended up taking a nasty spill on Gunsmoke, bruising my hip and ribs I believe... Wasn't quite paying attention and ended up face planing down on some really hard pack with slush on top. Finished the day after one more run down smith, but man my hip is sore! I hope to get out to Wildcat in two weeks in April (if they last that long), but need to heal up and have a few other obligations between now and then. Either way, I was able to grab one last beer at the PK (along with my mug to bring home!) and looking forward to a better year for next year!

Riding up the Panny for the last of the season..

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Looking up Recoil:

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