Gunstock 4-1-2018

Date: 4/1/2018

Gunstock, Gilford NH

Spring Conditions

Report: A fun last day at Gunstock and a very special one at that. My son managed (although he did take a small face plant) made it up on the ramrod lift today for the first time! He hasn't been out all season, just do to being busy and crappy weather and bad timing. But I figured, hey it's April, there is pond skimming and corn to be harvested. Didn't get up to the summit today, but hell it was good enough to have him barrel down smith like a 7 year old pro! Ended up only doing 4 runs with the little guy, but he LOVES skiing now and cannot wait to get back on the snow soon. Here are some photos:

On Peepsight:

Epic Splash in the pond:

Last run down the "mighty big super expert trail" as he called it!

That last picture just makes it worth it all. It doesn't get much better than that!

Next week back to Mount Snow (I think) and then Wildcat the week after

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