Gunstock 4-5-2014

Date(s) Skied: 4/5/14

Resort or Ski Area: Gunstock, Gilford NH

Conditions: Creamy Corny Goodness

Trip Report: So today was the last day for me at Gunstock for the season (the close tomorrow). Almost a year to the day when I crumpled myself last year. All in all a great day on the hill, although really sad to see very few people skiing and riding. So the day began with a ton on ice, and a delayed summit opening. Spent the first hour hitting the Tiger trail pod. The top of the trails were still crunchy/icy with the bottom nice corn. The thing that struck me with the amount of fog the minute you started up the mountain. Finally, they opened up the summit and the skiing really was phenomenal, with the coverage mid winter like… In fact, they opened up Hotshot, although far too many bare spots for my liking. All in all it was great to be a season passholder there again. Some photos of course and a video I took (not the best) of my final run – which was the first run for me, which was the first run of the season at Gunstock earlier this year:

Fogged in at the top:

Trigger I think? Hard to see!

Clouds and fog giving away to some blue sky:

Recoil with it’s corny goodness:

More Recoil:

Hotshot – Not open just yet

This shot never gets old:

One last panoramic shot from the top:

And the last run of the day (excuse the terrible video from my iPhone):