Hermitage Club 2-4-18

So my kids, which turned into kid after a moderate injury at Bromley on Saturday, had a race at The Hermitage today. Is it extreme? Nope! Is it hardcore? Nope! Are they bankrupt? Nope!!

If you like carving arcs into great snow surfaces, and not having to worry about running into anyone as you use up the full width of the trail, and no liftlines, and a high end club feel, it's GREAT!!

I rode their bubble 13 times today, with a couple of rides on their witches triple. Great machine made packed powder with an inch or 2 of fluff on top courtesy of some snow today. A bunch of soft whales in the witches, which apparently per a member I overheard today just reopened today after being closed since basically New Year's, skied great.

The clubhouse (their lodge) is Deer Valley/Snowbasin worthy. Enough said!

It's not for everyone. Nor is it everyone's cup of tea by any means. But if you like uncrowded slopes and feeling like your pampered, you're going to be happy there!!

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