Hickory 2/7/15

Date(s) Skied: 2/7/15
Resort or Ski Area: Hickory Ski Center, Warrensburg, NY
Conditions: Powder
Trip Report:
If you'd like to experience what skiing was like before fake villages, indoor water parks, heated bubble six packs, or chairlifts at all, take a drive to Warrensburg NY after a storm and ski Hickory. You have to go after a storm because they also have no snow making. The uphill transport consists of four surface lifts, one rope tow, one t-bar, and two Poma disk tows.

After seeing Hickory claimed 18" from the storm Sunday/Monday, and an additional 10-12" after that, they're only open on weekends, it seemed like the perfect time for my inaugural visit. I pulled into the lot just before the scheduled 9 o'clock opening, grabbed my tow ticket, and booted up in the lodge. I wish I had left a little earlier, as they began loading Poma 1 early. I took one run off Poma 1, then headed to Poma 2 on my second. As I headed toward the top I noticed quite a few exposed rocks on the Poma line trail. I decided to take the blue off the top and skied down to my car to swap my skis. I floated towards the base on a foot of virtually untracked snow. As I skied through the day I was glad I opted to grab my rock skis. Despite a good two feet of snow, the terrain beneath consists of rock, and rock ledges, I doubt my new skis would've made it through the day unscathed. The skiing was phenomenal despite the occasional free stone grind.

Riding the Pomas was fun, Poma 2 really launched you literally off the ground at the start. Lighter skiers, that would not be me, stayed in the air for quite awhile before their skis hit the snow. The ride to the top is pretty quick, 3 minutes. It is pretty taxing not being able to rest between runs however. I broke for lunch at 11:30, and already felt like I'd put in a full day. When I returned from lunch I discovered Poma 2 was down. This meant the line on Poma 1 was quite long. It moved pretty quickly though, and the rest was welcome. Someone said it was the busiest they'd ever seen.

I took one more break and decided to stick my boots in my pack so I could ski right to my car. I was getting really tired at this point. Poma 2 was back on line. I took one spill, and came close to taking another, and figured I best hit the road before I really hurt myself. I headed for home at 2 o'clock. I awoke this morning feeling like I'd been in a fight, Hickory had thoroughly kicked my ass. What a cool place, I will definitely be back.
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