Hunter 12/17

White knuckle drive a full 1 hour 20 minutes longer than normal - 4-hr 15 mins with no stops. Saw about 8-10 cars wrecked, and witnessed two spin outs. Then, on the winding road up to the mountain, saw a few cars stuck and on the guardrails. Tough drive.

Almost bailed at the water gap (coming from central NJ) for the Poconos, but we had pre bought tickets, so...onward!

And boy was it worth it. On the lift at 11am, snow still coming down. Whole mountain super soft, nice bumps everywhere. They opened Claires way on the West side and that was the run of the day for sure. Racer's Edge also excellent, as was K-27 ad the other runs off the F chair.

Great day....Hunter is a fun mountain.

Roads clear, home in 3 hrs. with one gas stop.

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