Hunter Feb 8,9 pow pow pow

Drove up early Friday to avoid the storm. Conditions where groomed out ..shavings? Anyway Friday was a typical friday no crowds yet everything flat and fast, Racers a nice sheet of ice but Clairs was good, smooth and fast, spent most of the day lapping that...and then...
Saturday woke up to a foot of very light..pow! Got out there first set of chairs and hit it...this was the first powder I have seen yet this season, including my 6 day at Whistler. Yes it was on a very firm base but for the first few hours and even a little later when you could find was a hoot. Everyone was hootin and hollering screaming down everything possible. I stayed on Racers for a while and moved around the front until they dropped the rope on Clairs..spent the rest of the day back there then finished up with a few runs down Huegas to give the legs a rest. As the day went on the base was exposed between the huge powder moguls that formed everywhere..tricky stuff for a lot of people as yardsales where everywhere..skinny skis and this stuff do not make a good combo. It was the best day of the year for me as far as conditions go.

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