Hunter in the Catskills Ground hog day Feb. 2 2014

First time for me at Hunter in about 4 years. Only hour in half from my home. Got here early today, pulled in around 830. Warm today this morning probably started with temperatures in upper 30s at base. Change in car found out from Jim and DMC that they to the hill around 10 am. Missed Emruice2 sorry got to meet soon. Bought ticket that process was quick no long ticket line. It was forecasted to rain a 10 of inch and probably did that much while we were riding, it was more slush then rain that stopped around noon. Snow making their is and like always great , lots of base and all trails that I skiied today including k27. I been to Bell. twice Ppatty several days this year non have snow base that Hunter has. Where was everyone trails had few people on them m ore like mid week day here then weekend. Five minutes wait at the most for groups of people from 10am to lunch 12. Then just ride on chair after lunch. Got to meet Jim family and some their friends great people. So glad I came back. Around 10 we finally met and took famous 27 which was pretty sweet. Took Cliff love that trail. Didn't see and big moguls some little ones on 27. Did Jimmy Hugea trail I like that one because that guy has research my dads MS . Kennedy was perfect crusing I remember in 2000 so many people be all over this trail getting in the way but these annoyingly crowded wasn't here. Love quad detached chair on West side now. I highly recommend this place too all people with in NYC metro area best places for fun experts and I sorry I waited so long to come back but I will be going back a few more times this winter. I wonder where the crowd was that used to be here 10 years ago. I put up pictures later. Clouds moving in all day when I left at 345 soft snow was still everywhere. I did the belt last traIl no ice just a spot here and their . I been told and can verified that crowds w ise on this Sunday were not all what I remember from 90s that for sure. I guess some didn't come here like they use to. I sorry for anyone who might think it was what they place was in the 80 s party town . Not so much now it mostly family people.

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