Hunter Mountain 12/27/12

Date(s) Skied: 12/27/12

Resort or Ski Area: Hunter Mountain

Conditions: Powder/Packed Powder

Trip Report:
Overall, the day was fantastic. ROTD was basically anything but Belt, all depended on what conditions you were looking for. Skied everything that was open, and then some.

Clairs, Racers, White Cloud and to a lesser extent 44/Westway were all heavily skied although closed. Didn't see many tracks on K27 or Annapurna. Lots of people in the trees and some hidden areas.

Gun Hill and Milky Way were open on natural, Gun Hill will only last another day at best without some snowmaking though.

No ice, only hardpack was small sections of Belt and Hellgate after 3PM.

Parking lots were quite full, but there were almost no buses that I saw. Crowd on the hill was surprisingly manageable. Less idiots than normal for a busy day (or maybe they were all in the lodge), singles line at the 6-pack was no more than a 30 sec wait all day. No lines on F or Z anytime. Felt like midweek as long as you were off of Belt, I think a lot of people couldn't handle 10" of snow and were very slow.

It was Demo Day, tested out some Dynastar Cham 87, 97, and 107s. Very impressed by both the 87 and 97, 107 felt like it needed deeper powder than was available at 2PM where I was willing to take them.

Mountain seemed to be running more smoothly than usual. Liftline was well managed at the 6-pack all day, the Demos were easy to get setup with, etc.

All in all, a good start to my 12-13' skiing at Hunter, outside of an accident on 87N south of Harriman that delayed me by 30min.

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