Hunter Mountain 3/9-10

So I go to Jay and it snows at Hunter! Missed Friday (not complaining), but Sat-Sun at Hunter were the 2 best days there in my season. Came home from perfect packed powder at Jay to...perfect packed powder at Hunter! Best part was that 44 and Annapurna were open.

As much as I like 44, Purna is my favorite trail at Hunter. And I got to ski it alot this past weekend, first time in almost 2 years. As usual, it bumped up perfectly and the skiing became almost like dancing it flowed so smoothly. I miss that run when it's not open. And as much as it hurts that it's gone now, I'd rather that happen than watch it get groomed out which I don't get at all.

Can we please get one trail over on the West Side that is allowed to bump up for the duration of the season? Please? Can we make snow on Purna and just leave it alone? Post a sign that says "Experts only-MOGULS" if you must. Because Hunter is much less fun to ski when Purna isn't open and bumped up.

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