Hunter Mountain Sunday, 1/27

No pics, but conditions were, in a word, Outstanding. Probably the best I've seen it in years without natural snow. I spoke to some people on the lift rides and they said they have been blowing snow most of the week and last night they made a lot of new snow. Plenty of stashes of manmade all over the mountain and only a little ice was found late in the day. They also built a lot of those piles of snow which I assume they will knock down if it warms up this week.

Lift lines on the 6 pack were a bit long from ~ 10-3, but even then it was only ~ 10 minutes. During most of this time I stayed on the other side which was virtually ski on or a few chair wait. Clairs and another run were the only ones open over there. Clairs was pretty flat, but virtually ice free. I got in 19 runs by lunch at 1:30 and then made the mistake of eating lunch next to the window. The sun was hot and toasty and I had a hard time getting my lazy arse up after eating. I got another 6 runs in after lunch and then called it a day at 3:15.

The icing on the cake was that trafffic coming home on the thruway was moving at 70 mph for most of the way. I got stuck behind a bus on the way to the thruway but still got home in 2 1/2 hours (2 hours 10 minutes getting there).

All in all a great day.

Anybody else there today?

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