Hunter Mtn: 2/16 – Short Day

Nobody has put up a Hunter trip report for the weekend, so I figured I'd give mine.

Given the reports of amazing conditions, I decided I needed to get to the Catskills over the weekend to experience the awesomeness. Had the flu all last week, but could not be persuaded otherwise. Girlfriend decided to tag along to keep me company, and drive me home if I incapacitated myself :) Had a late start so we arrived around noon. Skies were overcast and the wind was pretty stiff. The lines for the Kaatskill Express were long, and I decided to stick to Hunter West for most of the day. The conditions were fantastic. Practically everything was filled in. Even the cliffs under the lift had been hit. Took a run down Claire's which was heavily bumped. The bumps were nice and powdery. Taylor's and the glades between Claire's and Westway were fantastic. There was tons of powder along the sides of Westway too. Lines for the Silver Lady were short. Unfortunately, my health prevented me from sampling much else. An hour or so in I was completely out of energy, my face was covered in snot, and I was gritting my teeth in fear of vomiting as I rode up the lift. Made the call that I probably should get out of the elements and sit down. Got some food in my stomach and by the time I was back in New Jersey was feeling better. So, probably not the smartest decision I've made, but it was worth getting a few runs in on some amazing conditions.

Unfortunately, no pics this time.

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