Hunter NY Catskills 2014 spring

Got to the hill sround 11 ish today. waited for soft snos. It was theur. Sun in and out to 2 pm then sun kedp sniw and vuees amazzzzing. all fronrt traiols grommed for most part. Jjmmin Hugea nice around 12 pm. Didnt go ack. Singkes line on 6 psck maybe 5 minutes. Ate at My scotJerrry deli good pastrmi their. nice to be back didnt do west side. kove doing Kenndeuy and all steep trails their. left at 345 when temps were cooling quickly pictuers latwe. Nkw time to hit Hunter spring no croewwwd s expert stuuff wjole hill. Dte skied March 8 2014 o.e day aftee my Birthday

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