Hunter West 3/8/2013

Location: Hunter West
Condtions: Powder
Weather: Snowing hard most of the day

Had grand visions of waking at 6am and getting out early, but after a long day at Gore and a late night at work it was closer to 8. About halfway there I made the decision to head for Hunter instead of Plattekill and arrived about 10am.

First ride up was miserable. Very windy with heavy blowing snow. Got to the top with no desire for a repeat trip so I headed straight to the West side hoping for less wind.

Conditions on all the west side trails were amazing. Annapurna was best early, Taylors was a very nice suprise, especially the upper part (?), and Westway was a giant white playground. This was the first time I appreciated the width of Westway and didn't just find it silly- there was great snow right up until my last run.

At just after 3 I finished up and headed to the bottom. I'm sure I missed some good skiing by sticking only to the west side, but thats fine. It was a great day.

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