Jack Frost, PA, 3/13/2018 – VT-like conditions in the Poconos

We had everything today: glades, cliffs, packed pow on the trails and a lot of spots on the sides that hadn't even gotten tracked up yet. Jackson Frost was practically empty today. I shared the east side of the mountain with maybe ten people, tops. Meant that you could find untracked powder in most of the glades even up until lunchtime.

Jack Frost/Big Boulder have posted that they've received 36 inches of snowfall in the last 7 days, and while that is something of an exaggeration, this place is definitely filled in about as much as it ever gets. The base they built up from the last two storms was topped off with a nice fluffy 4-6 inches overnight. These were easily the best conditions of the year, probably one of the best days I've ever had in PA.

Video for your enjoyment:


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