Jack Frost TR – 2/16/2014

Date(s) Skied: 2/16/2014

Resort or Ski Area: Jack Frost

Conditions: Packed Powder/Machine Groomed

Trip Report:

My family (me, wife (38 ) and 2 boys (9 & 6) just got back from a day at Jack Frost in the Poconos. We had a great time, this place surprised me. It's an upside-down resort with the lodge at the top of the ridge along with parking. Speaking of parking, Subaru hosted an event there today and had all kinds of cool perks for Subaru owners including the closest lot roped off for Subaru owners only. Very sweet!

It was a bit crowded and the lodge isn't well set up to handle a holiday weekend crowd IMO. Whatever though, what place really is? We got out at 10:00 and did some blue runs down to start. It's pretty cool to not have to take a lift and just ski 600 vertical to start. It was also cool that they groomed only the middle of the blue trails and left a nice amount of space on either side ungroomed. The trees between the trails are fair game too! We'd let my 9 year old lead the 6 year old, sometimes my wife led. I "volunteered" to ski behind to pick up any messes. The kids did awesome, so I got a bunch of time in the ungroomed and trees. Decided to move to some "blacks" called Challenge and Thunderbolt. They had some nice dips but nothing sustained as is the story with this place. Kids did great again, more trees and ungroomed for me. I stayed out for 1 more run with my 9 year old and we did T-Bolt Glades, which is a legit glade but nothing nuts. Kid did great and I was really impressed (ski school at K and Whiteface has paid off!). I also got to follow behind and take the tighter lines, again nothing nuts but very nice to ski trees at all on a family trip. After lunch we did the same "black" trails and conditions were holding up very well. Nice snow everywhere so far, I had no trouble finding something to turn on, real easy skiing, no ice.

Wife and 6 year old went in for hot chocolate and to check out the Subaru tent. I stayed out with my older one for a run down T-Bolt Glades and 2 runs down "East". The T-Bolt Glades were skiing great and offer a decent 500 vert of fun wide spaced trees with a fun little pitch. There are official signs with named glades that don't appear on the map which is pretty cool for the Poconos. Matt's Run (or something) in the T-Bolt Glades takes you down to "East" where the better terrain is. They invite you to explore the trees everywhere but this was a little steeper and I wasn't taking the kid in there. The trees looked nice and in good shape though. There are 2 drops that are worth noting but they are not sustained, just headwall type stuff. The middles were scraped off by wedging skiers and boarders in over their head, but there were nice soft bumps along the sides that everyone seemed to be avoiding, so I had some fun in there. This part on River-Shot gave 2 options: one which was steep, groomed but skied to ice and one which was steeper but softer and bumped. That option was my highlight. Met my wife and 6 yo for 2 more runs called Thunderbolt and called it a day at 4:01.

Snow can be found anywhere right now at JF and it's definitely worth checking out, especially "East" when it has enough snow to cover their glades. Unless you can get to the Catskills or Elk in less time, that is.

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