Jay 1/7…disregard the icon. Was great.

Headed up to Jay after my leg felt better on Tuesday and they were at least spinning one upper mountain lift (Bonnie). It was between -20 and -30 with the chill and the place was an ice rink on the main trails. By far the slickest time I've ever had skiing. And to top it off 3-4 great trails that were listed as open on the report were closed. We were able to salvage it and had a good time hitting Lower Powerline which had 3-5" of fresh stuff on it, Showoff Glade, and I found some great unmarked trees off the Bonnie Quad that were loaded with snow that had blown in from the Bonnie area.

If you were willing to ski slow and look for tracks going into the woods, you could find it.
Jay Pow.jpg

The trees off Bonnie led me to this, not quite sure but fun and some fresh(er) stuff.
Bonnie Trees.jpg

Bonnie Trees 2.jpg

Surfing a creek bed...

Day 2 report later....I'm hungry and want beer.
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