Jay Peak 11/30

Usually, I wouldn't come this far unless the mountain is fully open, but we were in Montreal for a couple of days so dropped by on the way back for a day of skiing. Obviously I was carefully watching the weather, but was never quite sure if Jay was hit with any amount rain or not, although they reported 13 inch of new snow out of the storm.

Since Interstate was the only trail open from tram base, we parked at state side and started from there. First a couple runs off Taxi Quad and then moved to tram side and made a couple of runs on state side. Snow was powdery enough and didn't see any hint of freezing after rain, although poking on fleshes a little off the trails, it didn't seem like a foot of new stuff to me. More like 4,5 inches at the most.

Moved onto Jet triple after lunch. Derick Hot Shot, Haynes and Mont L'Entrepide were on thin side but nice and soft. The Jet was very well covered, obviously with snow making and was scratchy at the to half, but softer on the sides.

The big surprise was Tinbuktu. I was not expecting any woods to be open, and Tinbuktu was marked closed on the trail status, but there were no rope at the top entrance and people we going in. Once I was in there, I was even more surprised how well it was covered. There I could believe there was a foot from the latest storm. Obviously there were stumps to deal with, but there were very little exposed rocks and hardly any dirt, except for some steep section here and there.

Over all, it was a very satisfactory Thanksgiving skiing day.

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