Jay Peak 1/9, my last trip

Woods were fantastic. Trails were on the icy side of firm. Canyonland, Deliverance, Kitz, Timbuk, Orchard, and Staircase skied fantastic. Were were stuck to the Bonnie and Jet thanks to an absolutely bull shit wind hold, we hiked up to Tux Chute, never experienced a wind of 10 knots. Never had wind crushing us coming off the Bonnie. Zero reason for a wind hold. Out of my ten days so far this year it was probably the calmest in terms of winds.

Today was the last straw, I will never be returning to Jay. The snow report at 6:30am hinted they wouldn't be spinning upper mountain lifts as the tram would be "delayed in the morning for maintenance" and "groomers reported 35 mph winds over night". We were already to St. Johnsbury when I read it or else I would have turned around.

Then 8am Flyer closed for the day due to "high winds". Tram finally started spinning unloaded around 1:30 and we saw it make multiple trips up and back in spite of the "high winds".

I do believe there are times when they are legitimate, but today was not it. Many people on the hill were complaining. No reason for it what so ever. I hope whoever buys Jay cans the assholes who make these decisions. Seven hours in a car for the Bonnie and Jet. Ate up a ton of our day traversing around to get back to the Bonnie. Thanks!

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