Jay Peak 3/21

Had a great pow day at Jay yesterday. It was the first time I've been there when the conditions were good enough to give one of the Face Chutes a try. I did the one to the skier's left of the Tram House. It was my first run of the day (wanted to get some before it was all skied off) so I was not really warmed up and didn't ride it as well as I could have but it was a good experience. The steepness didn't bother me so much has how tight it was down toward the bottom. I wasn't expecting to have to shoot between trees barely farther apart than the width of my board. I would have loved to try a few more of them but the Tram got busy quick and I wasn't feeling the wait. Plus my girl didn't really want to keep waiting at the lift, wondering if I'd broken myself or not. Hopefully I get another shot at them soon when I'm with a friend that's willing to drop in with me.

After that I did a couple groomers to make the little woman happy and then started jumping into the trees. Canyonland was exceptionally good, as were the little strip of trees to the skier's right of Jet. By the time I got to Hell's woods the very top was a little scrapped off but after that they were fantastic. Even at the end of the day, the snow right under The Jet was super soft and deep. It looked bumped up, but rode like fairly fresh snow.

Only 2 complaints: First, Jay needs to figure out what a medium park is. The biggest jump had maybe a 10' table, and that's being generous. The other two didn't really have tables at all. The big park wasn't open so it was my only option. Second, the service at the Tower Bar sucks bigtime. Granted, they were having computer issues but even taking that into account it was really bad. We sat down and the busser gave us menus. Then it took the waitress a good 15 minutes just to come over and get our drink orders. I ordered a Tram Ale, the lady just a water. At the same time, we ordered our meals. 15 minutes later, our meals arrive via the manager. No drinks yet. We get halfway done with our burgers and still no drinks. Finally, my girl flags her down and tells her politely that we haven't gotten our drinks yet. "Oh, what did you have?" is the response. She goes and gets the drinks. Never checks on us, never asks how our meals are, nothing. She never even returns to our table. Once we finish, we wait a good 20 minutes before have to flag her down again to get the bill. It came to $35 and change. We hand her $40 and she asks if we need change. Yes, we say. She says, rudely, "You need four dollars?" Yes, we repeat. She gives it to us and we leave. No, I didn't leave a tip. I'm generally a very good tipper but when a waiter does absolutely nothing to earn one, I have no problem stiffing them. During our waits we talked to tables around us who had similar experiences. For a fairly fancy and expensive place, they should invest in some decent staff.

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