Jay Peak 4/12/2015

Jay Peak
Spring corn, hard pack in places

What an awesome day at Jay Peak yesterday. I didn't get to appreciate it to it's fullest because the family had to get home for school and work (wife's decision not mine.) Any way I got out around 9 and went straight for the glades. Canyonland, Deliverance, Vertigo we're great when I stayed in the sun. Some of the tighter darker places were still very hard. Lower mountain glades were excellent as well. Everything off the Jet chair was fantastic with the lower hardwood section of Timbuktu being my favorite with the sun hitting it perfectly. Managed one run down Valhalla off the tram, nice steep and fun glade. Can Am was the run of the day though, perfect peel away corn and soft bumps. I wasn't able to make it over to the Flyer side of the mountain, but I'm sure after it softened it was nice as well. It was crowded but lift lines weren't bad. Max 2 minutes on the chairs and the tram was 20 minutes.
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