Jay Peak, Saturday 04/08/2017

A bit late to the game, and with few pictures. Saturday I chased a vague snow rumor up at Jay Peak. I'm in Rhode Island, can never tell if a 'projected foot' in April is worthwhile to make the drive. Holy hell it was... between blower snow and whatever it was that fell there was easily 1 to 1.5 feet of great snow out there across the mountain. Very light crowds too which was a treat, especially because Tram and Flyer weren't running. Bonnie and Jet didn't get too crowded.
And let me tell you that the Goods were in the Woods. Just check out the few pics I'm attaching here. I was lapping fresh runs on Kitz Woods/Hell's Woods, Staircase/Everglade, Deliverance, Timbuktu right on the boundary. Just crushing fresh lines top to bottom in these glades, with some minor bushwhacking involved. Canyonland for some reason was attracting a lot of riders and was uncharacteristically skiied out, bumped up as hell so I only did that one once. In the morning I even got some fresh tracks on The Jet which is rare. Anyhow I'm really glad I made the round trip day trip from RI, it was one of the best Jay days (and maybe Glade days period) I've had anywhere, anytime. Certainly in April!

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