Jiminy Peak 11/25/12

I swear I haven't been to Jiminy in 30 years and could not remember it at all. I was told it skis like Belleayre and both the setup and skiing fits that bill, just smaller. They basically had a low intermediate (West Way) and a high intermediate (North Glade) run open. Couple of variants in there too and another midstation way down. Everybody was sking West Way so we stayed on North Glade and it was decent, a typical mix of manmade snow, ice, death cookies on the right and a little boilerplate near the bottom. We enjoyed it for 4 hours.

The high speed 6 pack made for quick laps. They were making snow all over the hill and I just saw they will now close midweek and concentrate on snowmaking. Not a bad drive from my house, comparable to Hunter.

Terrain looked Belleayre like but even less steep at the top with not as much runout at the bottom. The RFID system worked pretty well and did not annoy me like I thought it would. In fact, I hope K installs those RFID stalls like Jiminy instead of paying lifties to fumble with those hand held scanners and slow everything down.

The skiing was good for this time of year IMO. I expected less and have skied less and worse in the Catskills.

Definitely NOT into the wind turbine vibe at all. Now I can understand why folks don't want to live near them. The one near the mountain creeped me out, I think because of it's sheer size.

I would go back and ski again on a fully open and maybe fresh snow type of day, but I don't think I could make it my every weekend hill. But it was fun today.

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