Jiminy Peak – 11/26/2016 twilight pass

Just got back from Jiminy Peak. Was gonna do Killington but tomorrow was starting to look like wet snow turning into ice, plus the World Cup scene. So decided at lunch to go do the Twilight pass (3:00pm - 10:00pm) at Jiminy. $29 right now.

Went with the wife, she's trying her 2011 Dynastar Exclusive Eden (basically female Legend Sultans) for the first time.

Pleased to see snow on the ground up in the hilltowns (Dalton, Plainfield, Winsor, Cummington) as well as when we get into the Berkshires. Jiminy got slammed with 20" from the storm last week. By now that's melted down to maybe 4-6" of granular snow on the ground.

They had basically 3 upper runs and 3 lower runs you could take down, mixing and matching as you like as they intersected in the middle of the mountain. Jiminy has their own unique trail ratings, but basically there was black, blue, and green terrain available.

Snow was wet, spring-like and variable. Coverage on all open trails was A+. The steeper trail had messy bumps forming. A lot of the snow was pretty choppy stuff. I was getting bounced around a bit with my new Atomic Vantage 90 CTi's, 2nd day using them. This was kind of hard on my legs which were just starting to recover from Okemo on Wednesday. I worked on controlling my speed and learning the best way to attack these conditions with my new skis. Thinking ahead to Jay Peak in mid-April and the corn harvest.

But gladly there is a season of powder and PP to enjoy between now and then. Kind of weird I enjoyed the boilerplate hard snow and death cookie conditions at Okemo a bit more than the wet springy snow this evening.

My wife skied better than ever with her new Dynastars, making nice turns with good form and not making me wait for her to catch up. Big upgrade from the learner skis she graduated from.

Skied from 3:00 - 7:00, not sure how many runs. Glad to have gone, my legs burned but can feel them getting stronger, this early season stuff is necessary to make the most of what will hopefully be an epic season ahead.

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