Jiminy Peak 2/16/14

Time Skied: 10:15am to 6pm
Weather: COLD - didn't get above 20 at the base, VERY windy, partly sunny and clear
Conditions: Packed powder, machine groomed, powder, patches of ice

I headed to Jiminy Peak this past Sunday and I had to wait over a half an hour on the road just to get to the drop off area! I got a late start, which is okay at Jiminy because they give you an 8 hour lift ticket starting at the time you go through the first lift line. So I had from 10:15am to 6:15pm to ski. The crowds continued from the roads to the mountain, from 10am to 3pm the lift lines in the high speed six lift were around 10 to 15 minutes. The good thing is that they keep the people moving and the high speed six brings you up to the peak in a little over 5 minutes. However, after 3pm the crowds started to thin out and by 4pm there was only a 4 minute wait max at the high speed six. It was very cold and windy especially in the morning when I got there. "West Way" was definitely the windiest, as you could see the snow coming off the trail and the ice showing up. However, once you got on the "main" trails (North Glade, Upper Fox, etc.) the winds were minimal. Jiminy received around 15" from the storm last Thursday, which helped to keep the conditions great. North Glade and Upper/Lower Fox were some of the best runs of the day. Nor'easter was one of the still un-groomed trails, so it had some cool moguls on the lower half. The glades on John Hancock, Azalea Path, Grouse Run, Hot Wheels Glade, and throughout other parts of the mountain were still GREAT with sections of fresh powder 8-)! As night started to fall, trails did not get icy and the conditions were still amazing. Some of the areas on "Left Bank," "West Way," and "Grand Slam" did get pushed off and some ice/moguls formed. A great day that gets an A+.
I'll have some cool, edited videos from Jiminy on this thread soon!

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