Jiminy Peak 3/25

Time Skied: 9-3:45
Conditions: FAST snow with ice underneath
Weather: AM: 20s, cloudy PM: lower 30s, sun and clouds

I pulled into the first row of the parking lot at 8:30. Maybe 40 cars? Car thermometer read a tropical 16 degrees. Maybe when you turn the clocks ahead you turn the calendar back 2 months to compensate? :lol: Got first tracks down... everything. The diamonds were all a little too hard to grab an edge on in the morning. Once things warmed up they were OK. The snow has been through too many freeze cycles and re-grooms for it to be very good...unless your objective was to hit tunaspeed :smile:. I like going fast so I didn't mind. Ice is showing up on Left bank and West Way, and the skiers right of Whitetail. White Turkey was probably the run of the day. Snow is still a good 5 feet deep on Whirlaway. No bare spots on any snowmaking trails. However, there just isn't any people. Everyone I talked to was retired or local, and had a pass. I was the only one in the Crane Lodge unbuckling at 4 o'clock. It will be sad to see them close with all their snow:sadwalk:


West Way
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