Jiminy Peak – Dec 25 2012

My mom wanted the family to go skiing and made dinner reservations at Jiminy Peak for later in the day on Christmas.

We got up there around 12:30pm after finally waking my brother up. We were just planning on skiing for the afternoon, which was fine with me because I was still a little sore from skiing Mt Ellen 2 days before. And felt like I was coming down with a cold.

Half day / 4 hour lift tickets at Jiminy are such a rip off. It's only $4 cheaper than an 8 hour pass. The lady at the ticket window even asked if we were sure we wanted a 4 hour ticket, "you know it's only $4 less than an 8 hour.."

They have RFID cards now. I have no problem with the RFID cards at Jay, for example. They aren't a hassle. At Jiminy they are kind of a hassle. There are gates you have to ski up to get on the lifts. They don't always open right away. I spent a few occasions jumping around and squirming around in the "holding pen" trying to get this gate to open because it wasn't sensitive enough at reading the RFID card. I think it would be better if they just scanned people randomly so everyone doesn't have to deal with this every time they get on the lift. The guy at the bottom of the main 6 pack lift was also way overzealous with his job of instructing people where to stand and how to line up for the lift, when to move forward, etc. There were no lines, he could have just taken the day off IMO.

Anyway, conditions were machine groomed pack powder. A few icy spots but overall nothing too bad. Whitetail was my favorite run of the day. There were some death cookies towards the bottom of it, but the rest of it was fine.

Some trails had a little boilerplate but they were working to resurface these areas pretty actively. Mostly it was PP / groomed.

East Fall, I think it's called, was another nice one. Actually this one was a little icy but I enjoyed it anyway.

They were making a fair amount of snow mostly on the runs not open yet but a few guns to the face as well.

Basically their conditions were better than Okemo just over a week ago and better than Stratton the week before. So doing pretty damn good for the Berkshires this time of year IMO.

Probably took about a dozen runs before I met up with my Mom to get dinner. Good afternoon skiing. I felt pretty on point especially after a much more challenging day out 2 days before.

Since it was Christmas it was sort of an unusual crowd. A lot of beginners, families, and people speaking Spanish, French, and Indian. Kind of cool to see a more diverse crowd skiing actually. The kiddies mostly stuck to the bunny slopes so there wasn't a crowd issue.

+1 day out count ;)

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