JP, Jan 26, 2013

Another day with temps hovering at 0* all day. No lines with the exception of the Tram (surprise, surprise), which was to be avoided. Started the day off right with ACE club vouchers for the crew. Started at the Boni, trails were good in the AM. They've done a good job grooming, but when the "crowds" finally awoke and stumbled outside around eleven, the blues scraped down fast. Time to move on.

The "Danger Ice" signs were warranted for anyone who started skiing in the past 20 years and get fussy. Those trails skied pretty sweet, but this was not a day for lower-intermediates. Lots of pretty fast, young skiers out today. JP is groomed with less effort than Stowe, but good nonetheless.

The funniest combinations of signs was somewhere on top, "danger ice", next to "easiest way down". :-o

The creme-de-la-creme of the days were any and all woods trails. Sweet packed powder. Not as much base as I would have hoped for (met one pretty vicious snow snake), but quite ski-able just the same. I couldn't get enough of the woods - Jay is Jay, that's what I go there for.

We had to go in twice due to the beginnings of frostbite. Better to ameliorate the frostbite now for the sake of another day of skiing. No wind to speak of except on the freezer, which was pretty nasty over the first ridge, as usual. Even the lifties were wearing gogs.

Nice day all around at JP. We made memories, even at 0*. If nothing else, we have another good story to tell.

Oh yeah, we saw hundreds of "snow rollers" today. Very rare site around here, but thanks to the high winds, they were everwhere around Hyde Park. Very cool.

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