killingto 5/26/13

Made it to Killington by 9 am for what turned out to be a great late season day. Had to park in the main K1 parking lot as the usual road spots were blocked off for the stage race. Booted up and on the chair by 915 or so.
First run of the day I chose to hike the 50 or so feet of the headwall and ski Superstar top to bottom. The headwall to the bottom of middle supe were great, a nice mix of the firm base and the several inches of fresh snowfall. It got a little more interesting here as you are now skiing on just the few inches of fresh. It was quite skiable all the way to the base where you then had to remove your skis and walk To the lift.
Next run I decided to try Nivus walk to Launch pad. This provided nice adventure skiing through 6 or 8 inches of fresh with drifts much deeper. Hit this route 5 times providing nice top to bottom runs.
After a quick stop at the umbrella bar while the lift was down for maintenance it was time for middle Ovation. By now it was not snowing much and getting warmer out. the cover was starting to go quick.
Ovation far skiers left skied good, with an occasional turn being made on wet grass. Run of the day!
The afternoon was a combo of 1 or 2 runs broken up by breaks at the car and umbrella bar. Great last day of the season.

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