Killington, 10/19/15

Thank God I didn't have to drive. I watched the Mets defeat the Cubs in game 2 of NLCS. I stopped at the grocery and picked up a few supplies. Got home, made a couple pbj"s, tuned my skis, and tried to sleep. I set both my alarm, and my phone for 3 AM. Recently I acquired an ear infection in my right ear. One morning I was sleeping on my left ear. When my alarm went off I didn't hear it good enough to wake me up. I only heard it good enough to dream of an alarm clock I couldn't stop ringing. I smashed it open and discovered 2 batteries. Ah, battery back up, that must be why it won't stop, I remove the batteries, nope, still ringing. Finally I awoke to a ringing alarm clock.

I debated no sleep at all, I didn't have to drive, I could get 4 sleep on the way to K. I fell asleep at 2, after a whopping hour sleep, I awoke to my alarm clock, and phone. I got my shit together and headed to our rondeveaus site. I was first there, next my buddy and his friend arrived. Now all that was missing was the driver and his vehicle. After unsuccessful attempts to reach him, my buddy left to hunt him down. They both showed a half hour later. We hit the road at 4:30.

We pulled into the K1 lot right at 9 O'clock. I thought about leaving my hiking boots on and booting up after down hiking the stairs. It was cold and windy, I decided to boot up at the lodge and stuff my hiking boots into my day pack. I told the rest of the group to head up without me.

My first run of the year revealed some rather chunky man made. It skied OK, but improved throughout the day as the heavy traffic churned it up quickly, producing a finer granular product. As the day wore on even a few bumps appeared. Some slick spots were also exposed, but hey, I was sliding on "snow" in October!

So we skied from 9:30 till 2, quite a few runs. The sun was out, It felt like Winter, it was good. Traffic was pretty dense, and there were a lot of exuberant uttes catching air here and there. Patrol was stationed at the slow sign where Rime and Reason merge. I saw the scold someone for leaving the snow out of the park. It wasn't too bad. The people seemed to come in waves. It was pretty easy to chose a lull to head downhill. As long as no young hot shot creams you from behind, you're good to go. It was a great kickoff to the season, thanks K. I can check October turns off my list.
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