Killington 11-15-2018

Date: 11/15/2018


Conditions: Filtered sunshine, machine groomed, packed powder

Report: First time back at Killington since April of 2017, using a 2/1 coupon I found online (split the difference with a random dude). Ended up only costing $34, which I think was a good deal.

Anyway, it was a great day to be out on the snow and conditions were really good for November 15th! Rime, Double Dipper, East Fall all skied really well. The TTB route was Great Northern to Bunny Buster. And conditions were pretty good for being open only for the second day for a route all the way down.

Overall, it felt and looked like mid winter up there. Here are the photos:

Top of Double Dipper:


Killington Peak:

Snowmaking on Eastfall:

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