Killington 11/16-11/17/2019

First days of the new ski season! Killington did a great job of making snow during the cold snap. As we drove towards to mountain, it is all covered in white like mid winter. With more cold days, they should be able open up more terrains quickly after the World Cup.

It was bluebird days during the weekend. The parking lot was filled up pretty fast. We were expecting lift lines but for most part there was none. The 4 open lifts - gondola, snowdon 6, snowdon triple and north ridge quad worked quite efficiently moving people around the mountain. Even when there was lines, it was under 5 minutes. However, with only 17 trails open, the amount of open terrain couldn’t handle the lift capacity. There were too many people on the trail. In trails like bunny buster, mouse trap and lower great northern where you have to go thru, it was WROD. Big moguls formed by 10am, and they became icy with grass sticking out by noon. Despite all of this, we were happy to be able to ski again. It was actually fun to ski those big moguls before all snow was skied off. They had 1 double back and 2 blacks open. Cascade head wall didn’t have too much traffic, condition was between hardpack and icy. Skiable but hard to link many turns. Power line and ridge run had icy and grass but you can avoid them. It was roped after half day.

All in all, great days. Great snow coverage and weather. Happy to be back on the slope. Just a bit too many people and two few trail selection. Still would take this in mid November!

We have a short video:

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