Killington 11/20/18

Powder day #2 of the season before Thanksgiving...what a start to the year. Left home to rain and 34 degrees, changed to snow around Hatfield. Roads were decent the rest of the way, only ended up taking about 10 minutes longer than usual. Arrived at 9:15 to all 5 of the K-1 lots almost totally full.

Hit almost everything multiple times through the day. Actually left a bit disappointed...felt like more trails should've been open. I actually took a core shot on Highline because it was so thin...can't be any worse on Conclusion, Lower Downdraft, Royal Flush, or Powerline but they were all closed. Lots of people ducking ropes today but I didn't want to put my Ikon pass at risk over seeking powder in November.

No liftlines, but all the open trails felt crowded. Escapade and middle Downdraft were very nice, but both funneled into Lower Cascade which felt like what Superstar probably feels like for the racers right now. Good thing there was fresh snow or that would've been unskiable after noon or so.

East Fall was better...lots of powder on either side and some opportunities to dip (pardon the pun) into the woods skiers right. A little slick late but nothing like Cascade. North Ridge runs above it were nice with low traffic but I wasn't there to ski groomers.

Mentioned Highline earlier... there was a lot of good powder shots but the fresh snow also covered a lot of rocks skiers right. Would've loved to ski it more because it was fun but I was hesitant after the core shot. Also skied through the Bunnel once and it wasn't bad today but that turn will be a skating rink on bad snow days. Lower Bunny had people flying around everywhere (guess everyone started Thanksgiving early).

That's pretty much it for trail choices today. Everytime I went in the woods it felt damn nice if they could blow Frolic so North Star, Great Bear, and the Snowdon woods could open. I was in the 4th bay and was able to ski back to my car. Good knee deep powder between the terraces. Surprised they weren't roped off.

Probably a good 8" of snow between last night and today. Hope the storm this weekend is more white than wet.

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