Killington 11/29/15

Date(s) Skied: 11/29/15
Resort or Ski Area: Killington
Conditions: loose granular manmade
Trip Report:

What a pleasant surprise, honest to goodness bump skiing on Skyelark, I wasn't expecting that. We left town at 3:30 to arrive before opening. We stopped to pick Scotty up at the usual spot, the McDonalds at Vischers Ferry. Naturally Scotty drove past and ended up at the one in Malta, no problem, just more driving for him. Took the gondola to the top, made a few runs on that side before stopping at the lodge to hook up with Dlague and get rid of our extra ticket. My buddy had texted me and informed me that Skyelark was skiing superbly, so that's where we headed next. He was right, nice soft bumps that grew as the day went on.

After lunch we decided we would lap Skyelark until 2, then head home. Well, I was toast after one run. I made one more run off the Snowdon chair, and waited till 2 for the guys to show up. Wouldn't you know Dlague, his wife and son, were sitting right across from me. We joked how this was the second, or is it third, time we've hooked up to split BOGO's at K. I told him I'll see him next time one of us has an odd total to our groups.

What a difference in weather between Friday at Jiminy, and yesterday at K. I didn't see anyone in shorts yesterday. The conditions held up pretty good throughout the day. Some slick spots appeared on the groomed trails, I was happy with the grip of the new RTM's on any slick spots I turned on. They skied the soft bumps on Skyelark well too.

We should've just got a room, my buddy headed back today, I went to work, then left. I don't think my legs could handle back to back days theses days. Not this early in the season. 900 miles in the car, and not much sleep didn't help either. Two in three days kicked my ass, ah to be 35, enjoy Phil.
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