Killington 11/7

First of all... DAY ONE IN THE BOOKS :thumbup:

Ski Area: Killington
Time Skied: 9:45-3:15
Weather: Bluebird with temps in the 30s
Conditions: Scratchy on Rime with beautiful fluffy manmade on Upper East Fall. Upper GN mixed bag.

What an awesome first day! Killington skied FANTASTIC! Upper East Fall was absolutely delicious. Creamy man made snow turned into big round moguls in the PM. So much fun. Rime was scratchy underneath whatever the guns had made. Turned into a nice sugary substance in the PM. Moguls on Rime are a little too big/technical for my taste...but I dabbled in them and they skied fine. Most of my day was spent doing upper Rime and cutting over to East Fall. Rime, Reason, and even Upper Great Northern are buried in at least 2-3 feet of snow. Still, they kept the guns on today until they were blowing water. Busy enough to have someone to talk to on the chair, empty enough so that everyone had there own space on the hill.

A couple of notes:
Lot's of cannabis on the hill today. Like, lot's and lot's to the point where it was kinda sickening.
Met Joshua Segal on the lift by chance. Nice guy, very knowledgeable, hope to ride with you again, sir!
Out of my 20 or so chairlift rides at least a dozen people asked if I would be up for the World Cup. Word has DEFINATELY gotten out about this event. Everyone (but Highwaystar) is rooting for Killingto to pull this off!
First time up the stairs and those things are a serious PITA but worth it.
First time in the Peak prices were so ridiculous I couldn't even look at the menu too long.

Guns ablaze on a DEEP Rime

Pass...get it if you can ski it

Can you believe it's November 7 and we're skiing with full coverage!

Superstar report:
Guns were blazing on the top 3/4 of the trail when I pulled in the lot at 9:30. No fan guns, just the K3000's. They slowly got turned off to nothing by early afternoon. After skiing I went over and walked around the base to see the operation. The sheer amount of hoses and guns are staggering. It would be a spectacle to watch the snowmakers in action. I've never seen anything like it. They mean business. That all said, depths are pretty sad as of now. There's just a foot or so of snow at the base. Waterbars are still completely visible. The "S" is just dust with grass. Rumor has it there's a massive pile up top though, and that Killington rented three big snow cats to push the snow downhill for the course if needed.

Not messing around

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