Killington 12-17-14

Date(s) Skied:12-17-14

Resort or Ski Area: Killington

Conditions: Spring Like, with heavy fog

Trip Report:

Made the midweek day trip to Killington. Pretty much everything was open, although Bear was shut down so that closed all the terrain leading to there. Heavy snow and relatively mild temps made it feel like a spring day, no sunshine though, very thick fog that at times limited visibility drastically. Snow was great though, bumps were soft and any ice patches were soft enough to still get an edge in. Made a few trips into the woods, coverage was generally good, although steeper pitches definitely are showing wear. Any un-tracked snow proved difficult to turn, had a few slow motion falls where each ski got pulled in a different direction. All together though a great day, this base is setting up great. Can’t believe the skiing is like this pre Christmas. Didn’t grab many pics with the fog, but have couple from a lap in ramshead to check out coverage in low angle glades.