Killington 12-22

Drove up early,started snowing about 100 miles away so I knew it would be good. Snowing hard when I got there. The first part of the day I ride the gondi and hit everything i could. Blower pow over know..the usual. It piled up in some areas. Favorite runs where the natural trails. Escapade,flume, old superstar. All banged up, weeds,rocks..awesome. Met up with Jim for the second part. Tree skiing in variouse areas. Not a fan of Eastern trees but it deep in some spots and a change of pace from my usual frantic pace. I try to ski like a 20 year old..but pay that price later.
Went from 930 to 4, stayed at the Mountain Sports hotel..then drove in an ice storm until i hit CT where it turned to rain. Not a fun drive but better than expected.
Feel bad for whoever went today..not pretty up there.
Its amazing what we do to ski.
88 ticket..130 hotel..228 mile drive each way..people out west must think were crazy..after getting home im inclined to agree...😁20171222_134413.jpg20171222_113834.jpg20171222_110143.jpg20171222_110146.jpg
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