Killington 12/12

I took my eight year old with me to Killington. We were on snow shortly after 10, and started on the Snowdon Quad. The snow was already softening, and skied nicely where it wasn't scraped down to ice. It was VERY busy on the trails, but lift lines were under 10 minutes, and of course thinned out after lunch. Both snowdon and superstar were a few minutes at most.

We skied much of what was open, but IMO the best skiing was on snowdon where it was softest. There were bumps on bunny buster by the poma, mouse trap, and lower chute. That was the run of the day. Of course, with the heavy traffic and soft snow, bumps were popping up everywhere - even great northern. We took a run on bittersweet. The snow was loose granular, and bumps were found on the edges here and there.

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