Killington 1/28-1/30

Left my house about 5am Mon. for the 5 hr. drive to K. Roads were dry for the whole ride up to the mountain. When I arrived around 10am it just started to snow. Skiing was pretty good to start with & got better & better during the day as it continued to snow. By the end of the day I'd say they picked up about 3". The guns were still going on a few trails like Superstar & Double Dipper plus a few others. You had to see the whales that were on Superstar, they had to be 20-30 feet high & they were still blowing. They also stockpiled snow behind the fence at the top of the chair & had a huge mound at the bottom where the fan gun is. It was a really nice day & continued to snow well into the evening. Can't really pick a run of the day as they were all good. The mountain was empty Mon.

Got out early Tues. morning with about 3" of additional snow that fell after the lifts closed Mon. I got 2 runs in on untracked snow before it started to get chopped up. There were more people there on Tues. but it was still empty. It was probably my best day so far this year because I missed the snow over the Christmas holiday because I was blacked out. Natural snow trails were still thin but I saw plenty of tracks on them. The only natural snow trail that had good coverage was Escapade as far as I could tell. They did open Northstar & Great Bear but I didn't ski them. Low Rider & Patsies were also opened for tree skiing but I didn't venture in. I did make one delightful run down Escapade. Guns were still going on upper & lower Superstar as well as Double Dipper. Visibility was tough up high but cleared as you got farther down. If nothing else I can at least say I had one semi powder day this year. Of course I'm hoping for more.

What can I say about Wed.? What a difference a day makes. It was warm & foggy at the bottom of the mountain but cleared on the upper half of the mountain, completely opposite of what it was Tues. Skiing was hard & firm on the upper mountain but softened as you got farther down. Unlike powder skiing on Tues. it was spring conditions Wed. I spent a good part of the day in the Canyon area & Snowdon because for some reason they were clear as opposed to fog over at Skye Peak & Bear. Once you got past the hard pack on top the snow was soft & delightful down lower. The whole Canyon area was nice but I'd say the best run was lower East Fall as it was groomed to perfection. The problem was getting to it as the trails off the North Ridge chair weren't very good. They lost a lot of snow Wed. & all the natural snow trails that had been open Tues. were closed. Even started to see a quite a few cancer spots around the mountain on snow making trails but not in the Canyon area. I was glad to get the day in as it didn't start to rain until about 3pm. The mountain was really empty on Wed. You could even walk on the K-1 gondola with empty cabins going up. The rest of the mountain was desolate. It poured all of Wed. night into Thurs. morning so I decided to drive home a day early. All in all it was a good trip even though it did get cut short.

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