Killington 2-17 ~ 2/19

my trip to K over the weekend was great.
was very pessimistic before the trip with the warm up and the wind in forecast. but we were financially committed and my crew always find a way to have fun so off we went.
driving up from NJ friday afternoon was easy. left NJ around noon and was surprised how busy 87 was that early.
started to drizzle as soon as we entered VT.

drank some friday nite but had to put my kid in the ski school the next morning so got up at 8.
we were in the timberline condos and i realized that getting to the ski school in ramshead base is a pain in the morning.
the ski school was very busy, but it was very well organized. while on the line there were staff members getting your info and routing you.

got on the first chair by around 10 and found that the condition was not too bad. but the woods were definitely not in play.
it was crowded as imagined. but the K spreads out the crowd better than other mountains. spent most of the day around the K-1 and ramshead base.

it started to snow in the evening after dinner, so it must have been around 9 or 10pm.
woke up to like 5-6" of pow. they plowed the road well so dropping my kid off at the ski school was not too bad. some jerk in an audi Q5 with thule ski rack with a CT plate left the car in the drop off area with his hitch rack down. impeding cars to get out. i had to get out of my car to rack it up. always find aholes no matter what mountain you go.

got on the chair at around 10. wow. the official report was 5" but definitely close to a foot or more towards the top. and the best thing was the woods were in play all around the mt. it was fantastic. i like the big dipper and yes, it was great in there. so i spent most of the day around the canyon quad. on the way home, i duck the rope on pipe dream. wow. untouched pow on a wide open trail. it was fantastic.

my kid didn't have ski school monday morning and the forecast was calling for rain around 3pm. earlier forecast was calling for rain around noon or 1, but it had changed to 3pm. no complaints there. headed out around 9. my buddy told me the squeeze play was great on sunday so we headed that way. it was fantastic indeed. untouched pow everywhere. lap that thing like 4 times and the consensus was to hit the poweline to big dipper and the throne. we lap that a few times and had lunch at the k-1 base. the powder was great but the temp was getting up there. i was able to feel the powder getting stickier and stickier.

after lunch, we headed over to the skyship gondi. lapped stichline, panic button, thimble, the chunnel and needle's eye until the rain started rolling in. i was surprised that the skier's right on needle's eye has so much untouched powder on the side. rain drops started to fall at 2:45. right on schedule. got back to the condo at 320. it was a great day.

overall, the trip turned out to be great. that unscheduled snow dump changed the whole thing.
sorry, didn't bother taking any pictures. my memory chip broke.

one more thing. i loved that at K, the maxpass works just like their season pass. they scan your barcode right off. so easy.

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