Killington 2/5 & 2/6

Pretty crazy 2 days of skiing. 2/5 was sunny and cold. Groomers were fast and firm and a lot of fun. Not so much for naturals and trees. Frozen coral reef in trees but a good base. Naturals frozen also, skiable but not great. Southridge was the place to be, some decent bumps there and a bonus the quad was running.

I got up at 6am on 2/6 and was thrilled to see 6" of fluffy snow on my car. Got ready and hit the snow at 9:15. Went right to Snowden and the trees there skied fantastic. Spent the next 3 hours there and hardly noticed that the precip had changed to freezing rain. The snow had started to get heavier and developed a crust that made a strange zipping noise as I skied through it. By 1pm that noise became a crunching noise and the lifts started to close due to icing. Took 1 run on the Snowden triple which was the only lift open at that point and decided to call it a day at 1:30.

Very stoked I got an unexpected powder day before the rain hit. Great base for any snow that might fall on top of it today and tomorrow. Sorry no pics, I temporarily lost my phone. My base layer pants have pockets; put the cell in one of them, turns out it had a hole in it. When I finished booting up I reached for the phone and it was gone. It had slipped down my leg and was trapped near my boot cuff; didn’t find it until I took my boots off, didn’t waste time looking for it when powder was to be had!