killington 2/1/14

bus from union square left at 3:55 and got us to snowshed lodge at 9. was about 30 degrees then and started to get warmer.
took the k1 gondola up and came down on ovation after looking for anarchy and juanita. both were roped off.
took the k1 again and did venture into anarchy. thin cover.
moved over to the superstar express and lapped superstar a few times. skier's right has small bumps and some powder.
took the k1 again and came down on downdraft to canyon quad. downdraft had some big bumps.
canyon quad was my favorite of the day. they were making snow on double dipper. bumps were forming but the condition was very good.
ventured into big dipper. same thing. thin cover, but was much better than anarchy. in fact, i lapped it a couple of times.
moved over to the bear mt. outer limits had big bumps from top to bottom. devil's fiddle was closed.
took a break and grabbed a beer down at the bear mt. lodge. it was packed. a local told me that devil's den is fun but is only open when there is enough natural pow. after a pint, took up skyeship gondola and did cruisecontrol and needle's eye. some icy spots but the sides were fine. the stairs were thin also. it was 2:45 and my legs were letting me know it was almost time so i decided to take it easy. for another hour i lapped superstar and called it a day at 3:45. bus left the snowshed at around 4:30 and dropped me off at union square at 10. was a good day. need to go back when the woods are open.

here are some pix of the woods
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