Killington – 2/22 & Pico – 2/23

I went up to Killington 2/21 with some friends (18 of us to be exact) who rented a cabin. It was quite the party. Fighting the hangover at 7:00am was tough, but the skiing was damn good!

We woke up Friday to blue skies, comfortable temperatures and zilch wind. We had tried to get group rate tickets but it was too hard getting everyone to the ticket window at the same time. I ended up buying a ticket in the parking lot for $60. Pretty damn cheap for Kmart on a holiday I thought.

We spent most of the day on the Bear Mountain side but explored the other peaks. Most lifts only had a 30 second or so wait. The main gondola was even down to 2 minutes.

The snow was in great shape. Little to no ice on most trails. I didn't get into that many glades, the ones I did had good coverage but were mostly tracked out. The steeps skied great until the end of the day when they started to get scraped off. Took my last run down the bumpy side of Superstar and called it a day.

I found this Killington excursion to be way more enjoyable than my previous trips there. The crowds were way thinner and the place was just more laid back without the weekender congestion.

Round 2:

Saturday got off to a slower start. Many of us decided to sleep instead of ski, so we were split into smaller satellite groups. We got to Killington at 9:20 or so to find no parking whatsoever.

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